What disasters can Caresoft help you prepare for?

Affecting nearly every region of the globe the unprecedented magnitude and frequency of natural disasters that occurred in 2017 proved to be devastating. No region was hit harder than the Caribbean, most notably Puerto Rico, who endured three consecutive hurricanes in rapid succession that all but destroyed the country. The storms devastated Puerto Rico’s infrastructure leaving nearly the entire nation without electricity for months. The impacts of the disaster still linger on today as Puerto Rico remains significantly dependent on outside aid, while citizens struggle to recover from the devastation.

Caresoft wasted no time joining the relief effort purchasing supplies to send to a Puerto Rican Group Home. Providing a different form of relief to the communities Caresoft serves and reminding Caresoft of the invaluable safeguards its software provides to facilities who face a natural disaster.

Understanding that many facilities do not operate electronically, Caresoft is acutely aware of the vulnerabilities associated with non digital documentation, which are perpetually at risk since such irreplaceable documentation does not exist beyond its physical copy. In instances of natural disasters, including the one endured by the group home in Puerto Rico, the destruction of documentation has the potential to disrupt a facility’s entire operation, erasing years of extensive medical documentation, observations, and histories, hindering their ability to provide proper treatment or services to individuals receiving care.

As a longstanding member of the healthcare software industry with 18 years serving the mental healthcare community and those who operate within it Caresoft has remained deeply invested in providing optimized mental healthcare documentation software to caregiver facilities and service providers.

Since its incorporation we have maintained an unwavering commitment to improving outcomes for individuals living alongside a mental health diagnosis by providing mental healthcare documentation software that optimizes a facility’s operations, processes, and delivery of service.

There is no way of stopping future natural disasters or instances of physical destruction, however Caresoft’s mental healthcare documentation software provides facilities the opportunity to prepare for the unexpected. The associated benefits are endless providing solutions and improvements to existing weaknesses, ensuring Caresoft is able to fulfill its goal of improving the realities and outcomes affecting those living alongside a mental health diagnosis and the individuals who care for them.

The safeguards provided by Caresoft gives an immortality to a caregiver or facility’s irreplaceable mental healthcare documentation, in extreme cases, shielding observations and treatment notes from physical destruction.

Caresoft knows that the challenges and obstacles facing those providing support and services to individuals living alongside a mental health diagnosis are not limited solely to natural disasters. With that in mind what other “disasters” can Caresoft help you prepare for?