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As an owner or manager of a Day Program, you need to be able to track the progress of your remote individuals easily. This is the very foundation of CareSoft! We have over fourteen years of experience working with Day Programs and our software is specifically tailored to your needs.

Our Day Program software is easily accessible on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. We have incorporated forms such as Body Assessment, Incident Reports, PNI(Budgeting Funds), Medication Logs, and Progress Notes. There is also a “Helpful Interventions” tool; which shares staffs’ proven techniques in the de-escalation of crisis occurrences while in the public eye.

Imagine easily inspecting that your staff has completed their daily paperwork on time and correctly. Even if they never set foot into your office. Our Day Program software drastically reduces transportation reimbursements.

Imagine clearing your desk, removing clunky file cabinets, and having everything in your office located right at your fingertips through your smartphone.

Imagine having the ability to see instant charts and graphs of your individuals’ improvements from any time period you choose.

Imagine being able to generate your Individuals’ Quarterly Report with the easy click of a button.

CareSoft provides all of these benefits at minimal cost.

Day Program Software

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