Unlike EHR solutions that service the medical industry, our software is specifically built to help persons with Developmental Disabilities and the network of Service Agencies that support them. We create a “making people better” software and not a “data collecting” software. The software provides an amazing set of benefits to Agencies and Educational Programs of any size or level.

Management can see and audit when the data is collected from the staff. Data gathered in a timely manner is more likely to be accurate and helpful to the individual.

The software provides easy tools to identify trends in behavior. Behavioral consultants, management, teachers, psychologists can make decisions and recommendations based on accurate data and individual needs.

Great treatments and interventions are prescribed using great data. These get pushed to the staff through the software so whenever a staff member observes a behavior they can see the prescribed intervention they should choose to help with an observed behavior. Prescribed interventions can be used by parents/staff and teachers to assist with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Behavior consultants, management, teachers, psychologist, parents can inspect how the treatments are impacting the individuals and make adjustments.

he software is incredibly easy to use and your employees will appreciate the burden of paperwork being taken off of their shoulders.

The software will always provide the correct behaviors and intervention to your staff members. New staff will be brought up to speed quickly and a staff member that has a new individual assigned to them will easily be able to aid in treatment.

Instead of reacting to troubled individuals that might create insurance liability, you can use our software to proactively treat people and prevent incidents.

Your staff won’t be endlessly repeating the cycle of poor therapy based on inaccurate information.

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