CareSoft’s software is uniquely fitted to assist in the treatment of children with Autism. Teachers and parents love the following features of our software:

      1. 1. Behaviors can be tracked real time using a computer, tablet, or smart phone.
      1. 2. “Helpful Interventions” can be inputted to assist the guardian with behaviors that the child could exhibit.
      1. 3. The software can be used by just one parent, multiple guardians, and even teachers.
      1. 4. At any moment a summary report can be generated that guardians and teachers can use to discuss treatment options for the child.

An example of how CareSoft is used to assist in treatment of a child with Autism.

Jamie is an 8 year old child with Moderate ASD. She is cared for during the morning and evening by her two parents (Karen and Robert). During the weekdays Jamie attends a school that is licensed to treat her level of Autism. In the morning Karen and Robert prepare Jamie for school. Most of the time Jamie’s routine works for the family, but sometimes Jamie exhibits behaviors around putting on her clothes or eating breakfast. When Jamie exhibits a tantrum Karen and Robert are careful to document the specifics of the behavior with CareSoft using their smart phones. They also carefully document which “Helpful Intervention” they use to calm Jamie down from her tantrum. Karen and Robert have tried a variety of different interventions to relax Jamie and they have found that, based off of the CareSoft reporting, singing her favorite cartoon song has had the highest chance of success for the past 30 days.

When Jamie arrives at school her teacher checks her CareSoft log in to see if Karen and Robert have discovered a new Intervention that can be used. Since the information is shared real time, all the learning that Jamie’s parents and teacher discovers are communicated instantly.

On this particular day, Jamie exhibits a tantrum during her lunch recess. Since Jamie’s teacher has read all of the Karen and Robert’s interventions and success rates, she decides to sing the same song that relaxes Jamie during the morning. Unfortunately, the song doesn’t relax Jamie today so the teacher, thinking quickly, decides to use a coloring book and crayons to relax Jamie. This helpful intervention works and the teacher makes note of it in CareSoft using her tablet.

Later that night Karen and Robert review the notes that Jamie’s teacher made. They are intrigued by the new intervention and decide to use it next time that Jamie has a behavior. Over the next month they will have statistical evidence to see if a coloring book is a good solution to their daughter’s tantrums.

Every month Karen and Robert meet with Karen’s teacher at the school. The three bring print outs of reporting CareSoft can easily generate. They talk about the various behaviors that Karen has exhibited over the past month and the success rates of the different interventions the three care givers have tried. Using the reporting, they are able to plan the next month of treatment for Karen. Ultimately, with CareSoft as a guiding tool, they have seen measured progress with their daughter’s care.

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