About Us

For the past 15 years we have been caring for persons with Developmental Disabilities.

Like you, we have experienced the various frustrations that come with serving. We have worked with youth and adults at various levels of care while struggling to learn and adapt to the ever-changing regulations.

We have also experienced the wonderful benefits of working with persons with Developmental Disabilities. We have seen individuals learn valuable life skills, become productive in their communities, and progress towards more independent living. We have felt their needs, love, gratitude, and kindness. Like you, these positive experiences motivate us to come to work every day and “do the right thing”.

We have seen people get better and we believe that we can make people better. We know you believe the same. Unfortunately, our experiences have shown us that, despite our best efforts, the way that information is communicated across the agency hampers our intentions and can prevent us from helping those that we care about.

We created CareSoft because we found a solution to the flow of information. With this software we can help persons with Developmental Disabilities and the service agencies that support them consistently achieve better results. Click below to get your agency started.

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